Steven Drew National Marathon Champion

31 05 2010

 A “brave” run by my training partner and friend Steven Drew this weekend to become the Canadian Marathon Champion. Steve battled the unusually hot weather, self-doubt, and the emotion of competing in his first race after suddenly losing our mentor, coach, and friend Terry Goodenough.

I can relate to  racing with a heavy heart, lungs and mind, and I think it would be fair to say Steve ran 2 marathons today; the first in Ottawa and the second in his heart/mind. Steve finished in a  fast time of 2:21.47, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to say  it was one of the longest races of his life. 

 I am so proud of Steve and I know Coach Terry would be to. If there is a runner to emulate because of their work ethic and heart….Steven Drew is the guy. Congratulations Steve!


Tis the Season to be….Fast!

28 05 2010

 Thought I would give you all a cheeky little update on mine and Derek’s workouts the last couple weeks. It has certainly been an adjustment moving to the track once a week, but it has been crucial in improving my non-existent leg speed.

Here was our first track workout on May 12th:

4 200’s in 38,38,34,34 (15 secs recovery) This was mainly warmup

12 400’s in 67-68 (3o secs recovery). This felt brutal.

Here was our most recent track workout on May 26th:

Weather: 28 degrees!!!!

1 by 1000m in 2:45 (2:00 recovery) Surprised with the time, felt like 2:55.

2 by 800m in 2:17 & 2:14 (1:30 recovery) Felt comfortable.

2 by 600m in 1:41 & 1:41 (1:15 recovery) Heat was getting pretty nasty.

4 by 400m in 67, 65,64,60 (1:00 recovery) Needed water & shade after

= 5400m total

This weekend Derek is racing in Calgary (1okm) and I will be racing a 3k in London on June 2nd. Both of us are training with a fast 5k in mind come July when we race in Belgium with the Toronto Olympic Club.

* I also want to wish our training partner Steven Drew best of luck in the Ottawa Marathon this weekend….wear a hat haha.

Hill Session #1 (Saturday May 15)

21 05 2010

Today(Saturday, May 15th) Derek and I had our fastest cumulative hill session ever.  We usually do this hill during our base building phase and therefore our fastest average for 10 hills was 63 seconds. Today; we averaged 56 seconds and did our 10th hill in 53!  Below are some videos of our session today. The hill is approximately 380 metres in length. The workout started at 9am after a 3 mile warm up, strides, and drills. The weather was about 8 degrees, but felt more like 3 with the wind. Enjoy!


13 05 2010

Many of my readers may be wondering….what is Derek and Adam doing for training now?!

Good news is, despite Terry’s sudden passing, we weren’t left totally unequipped. Terry has left  us with 10 years worth of workouts, advice, and confidence. Derek, Steve, and I have been collaborating to create workouts which we think were indicative of what Terry would have us doing this time of year. What this means is 1 workout on the track and one workout on the hill or on the grass each week.

Derek and I did our first track session on a cold and windy Wednesday morning this week. We started with 4 200’s w/ 15 seconds recovery for warm up in 34-35secs. We proceeded to do 12 400’s in 67-68secs w/ 30 sec recovery. 67-68secs wasn’t a stretch pace wise, but the limited recovery certainly simulated that pain you’ll feel when pushing for that 5k pb. The 400’s equated to 3 miles at 14:00-10 5k pace.

It seems like a good time to hit the track because we are both strong, but lack turnover to stay the least. We plan to do a hill session on Saturday that will involve 12-14 60-65 hills. Recovery will be to jog down and 15 seconds at the bottom.

*I will take pictures of the hill and add it to this post on the day of.