What a pain in the…..Meniscus!?

18 08 2010

Whoa, long time no blog post! Could it be that for the first time in my opinionated life, I had nothing to say? haha not likely. Truth is, I have been nursing a strained meniscus. If anyone is unfamiliar with what in the world that is, in basic terms, it’s a strain in the ligament by my knee. At first the doctor thought it was a torn ligament because I lacked flexibility in my knee. I thought with this professional uncertainty, I should get an x-ray to put my mind at ease. I will receive the results tomorrow, but am now feeling pretty confident it will only be a strain. A strain would mean 5-6 weeks recovery, but a tear could mean surgery. 

An injury can sometimes be a blessing though, as it allowed me to put more of a focus on other matters in my life such as work, my lady, and family. It has also made me miss the beauty of the trails in Waterloo and my random/pointless conversations with Derek.

In the mean time I will keep doing my intermediate yoga and advanced eating haha. I always did tempt fate, so I may even begin light running after the x-rays if the pain is minimal.

I will keep everyone updated on my progress. I can’t wait to break in my Saucony Fast Twitch 4 this upcoming cross-country/road racing season 🙂