Training Update

15 09 2010

So the injury is not a big issue any longer (hooray), and I have entered my fourth week of  base training.  My base training  includes approx 6-8 weeks of slight increases in mileage before maintaining. I started my first week at 40 miles, and now in my fourth week I am at 75 miles (gradual build up). I would feel comfortable running approx 90 consistently.

I have also started to throw in 2 workouts each week. These workouts are hill sessions and tempo runs. Hills range from 60 seconds to 90 seconds with 10-12 intervals. Tempo runs will build from 3 to 10 miles (ideally). In October, God willing, I will run a couple of races, and interval workouts to complete the final pieces of the fitness puzzle. Interval workouts would range from 800m-3000m and mostly on grass.

The injury may turn out to be a good thing, in that, I will be gaining fitness later on in the season.  Anywho…I would love to hear what others are doing for training, and if anyone has any suggestions throw them my way.