Marilyn Arsenault blog post

13 10 2010

Wishing my Saucony teammate Marilyn Arsenault a speedy recovery;


Stratford 10km Results

3 10 2010


 Last year I entered the Stratford Festival 10km not knowing too much about it. I discovered that the course was quite hilly and challenging, the prize money was excellent, and it is an all around fun event close to home. This year was the same with all but one exception; the level of competition had increased in both the womans and mens fields (prize money seems to have that effect).

This year the top three Stratford Festival 10km finishers were as such; in 1st was Derek Snider who was coming off an impressive victory a couple of weeks back at the Vic Mathews Cross Country race in Guelph where he finished well ahead of fellow Guelph runners Kyle Boorsma and Alex Genest. In 2nd place was yours truly, just 3 seconds back,which resulted from a fast last km by Snider. In 3rd place was the 2008 Canadian Marathon Champion and World Championship Marathon Competitor Gitah Macharia.

This year’s race unfolded as such. Snider and Macharia took out the first km with confidence in 2:56, After which Snider joked ” anyone up for 29mins today?” I responded with “arg” haha. Up until 6km Snider and Macharia led the race with myself floating about 5 metres behind. At around 6km, I felt the pace settle and this allowed me catch up and briefly pass my competitors. at 7km we faced a rather large hill, which proved to be a bit much on the day for Macharia as he fell off the pace soon after.

Now, Snider and I were left together and running on cruise control expecting a fast and hilly finish. As a side note, I believe an earlier injection of pace (7-8km) would have been the wisest tactic on my part. That said though, Snider made the first move at 9km. I caught up again after this move, but at 9.5km he made his final decisive move to cross the finish line in 30:54 (3 secs off course record and $250 bonus). I crossed the line in 30:57 (6 secs off course record & 21 secs faster than last year).

I was pleased with this, my first race in 3 months, and know that this race paves the way for an impressive run in my upcoming races. My next race will be the Canadian 10km Championships/Toronto Zoo Run on October 16th. I hope to improve on last year’s 7th place finish.

2010 Stratford Festival Results will be posted here or


*Congratulations goes out to the following individuals*

 Jason Smith in the 3.5km race and Stephaney Fay in the 10km who both seem to be getting into fine form.

Derek Nakluski who won the Waterloo Open in decisive fashion. 



more  fantastic race pics by Mark Dewan: