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22 11 2010

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Ekiden Update 3: Videos

22 11 2010

Ekiden Update 2

21 11 2010

 It is 838am in Japan and we just finished breakfest. I slept from 10pm to 3am this morning. I couldnt get back to bed after that. The 14 hour time change is a force to be reckoned with. I am not getting stressed about the lack of sleep or jetlag though. Instead, I am getting focused on the big team ping pong tournament we are having this afternoon. It will be a great way to get our minds off tomorrows race. Speaking of which; here is our team and how the legs are looking.

                                                                           2010 Ekiden Course Topography

Leg 1:  Matt Brunsting 5km (a fast downhill leg) This leg will be instense as it is very fast, and Craig Mottram is running this leg.

Leg 2: Malindi Elmore 5km (flat and fast)

Leg 3: Derek Nakluski 10km (flat and fast)

Leg 4: Carmen Douma-Hassar 5km (flat and fast)

Leg 5: Adam Hortian 10km (flat w/ hills from about 8-10km)

Leg 6: Lanni Marchant 7.5km (by far the hilliest leg! all uphill!)


5km on track Natasha Wodak and Scott Simpson

* Check back later for videos

Ekiden 2010 Updates

20 11 2010

I can’t get no….satisfaction

15 11 2010

“There is nothing more satisfying than peaking at just the right time”. “Not to early and not too late”. Although this sounds like a statement ridden with sexual innuendo, it actually holds true to racing and training. Perhaps another statement commonly used by runners that may relate to what I am about to discuss is ” an injury can often serve as a blessing”. 

Well, at the beginning of this fall season I encountered an injury in my knee, an injury to which I wrote about on this very blog. It was an injury that delayed my training for 4-5 weeks, and yet, the injury could have been worse. What this meant was that I had a late start to base training and building endurance for this season. In the past, I had begun base training in August, but, as the end of November approached I would often be on the decline mentally and physically. This is where “an injury can become a blessing.”  Now, I find myself in mid November and coming off my first race win of the year at the Casablanca 8k. The cherry on top of this victory is that I am also feeling quite strong before departing for Japan this week.

Although the delayed start to my training this season has kept me motivated at this point in time, I would be a dirty liar if I didn’t admit that it takes a little extra effort  at this point in the season to stay focused. I am assuming that this is something many runners can relate to. You have put in the weeks of hard training, eating healthy, sleeping well, and then November comes and nothing sounds better  than a beer, a Big Mac, and staying up late.

Well, because I don’t like to bring up a problem without offering a solution I think there are a few ways to stay motivated for those final training weeks before the big races. My first suggestion is to keep your mileage somewhat similar to what you have been doing. Yes, there are benefits to tapering, but do you really want to gamble on a big taper? If you mess up your taper you could be left feeling stiff and lethargic. I have been running a consistent 90-95 bones (miles) each week so I may over the course of the next couple weeks drop to 75-80. I also suggest that you consider watching some running videos, hangout with other people who are pumped to race and then catch the pre race fever haha. Things can get intense before big races…but don’t forget to laugh, smile, and relax.

Well those are my half-assed solutions….Hortian out!

UPDATE: Mike delmonte has been added to my blogroll (he is in England!)


Casablanca Classic 8km (Preview)

2 11 2010

November 13th (less than 2 weeks from now) the Casablanca Classic 8k will be held in Grimsby, Ontario. I would recommend this race to anyone looking for a flat course, good competition, and a well-organized event. In the past 2 years I have come to rely on race director Jerry Frieson’s Subaru Series to try to blast off some quick efforts.

This year’s race will offer a truly exciting display with one of Canada’s best “ever” distance runners Reid Coolsaet, previous Series Champion Joesphat Ongari, and current series leader Derek Nakluski. These competitors are just a  few among many elites racing at this year’s event.

Not to be over shadowed by the big names at this years event, I will also be racing and looking to disappoint the competition.  

Race Website

Last years results


Halloween Haunting 10km

1 11 2010

On October 31st I raced at the Halloween haunting 10km in London, Ontario. The Halloween Haunting is one of several races that make up the London Runners Choice Honda Series. The race came at a point in my season where I really felt I needed to compete. I wanted to be 100% sure that when I enter into some bigger races in the upcoming weeks that no rust remain. Knowing that the course record was only 30:25 by Ryan Mackenzie, who to my knowledge has run 13:30 for 5k, I didn’t expect a blazing time from the running gods on a rolling Springbank course. 

What the race did offer though was some excellent competition from the Canadian 10km Champion Rob Watson, Scotiabank Half Marathon and Niagara Half Marathon Champion Dagim Yesthela, fellow Saucony teammate Cleve Thorson, and a few other Guelph based lads. Anyways; I certainly did knock off some rust with an opening km of 2:56.  3km into the race I was running with Rob Watson and Dagim Yesthela. We ran a split of 8:54. At 5km, Watson had moved well aheadof the competition and I was stuck in no mans land. This was the case from 4km to 10km, which may be a good explanation for a slower 2nd half on my part.

I went through 5km in 15:04 and finished the race in 2nd place in 30:41 just 16secs off Mckenzies course record. 30:41 was also the 3rd fastest time ran on this Springbank course. Watson smashed the course record in a disgusting final time of 29:47. I am looking forward to the Casablanca 8km where I can finally see a quick time on paper worthy of my current fitness level.

* The womans race was also very competitive and Lauren King’s course record was beat by Lanni Marchant. Congrats to Stephaney Fay on her season best time of 39:46. Looking forward to reading the new blog (on my blog roll)

Race Results:

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