Are you going to win?

25 09 2012

Are you going to win?

With my first race of the year approaching it seemed fitting that I was interviewed by friends and loved ones about my expectations for the upcoming race. Yet, when I was asked a simple question, a question at face value no more in depth than any others I found myself silent (first time ever by the way). This question was “are you going to win?” It wasn’t until I started thinking deeper about this question that I realized I didn’t like the bloody question one bit.

If I said yes; I was arrogant or cocky. If I said no; I would be viewed as lacking confidence, and if I said I am not sure; I may be stuck listening to an entire break down of the statistics and key elements involved in my chances of winning from some of my more analytical running companions ( so many runners are analytical I’ve come to observe).  There seems to be the care free hippy type runner and the analytic runner counting every second and refusing to round off. You may see this type of fellow or misses running up and down their drive way at the end of the run to get that nice even # (see how even it is? Oh…analytical runner orgasm time…and boom goes the dynamite!).

Anyways…back to the ever so important topic at hand…wait  wait…just realized something that could be of great use to me…it has become apparent that when Reid Coolseat is on the starting list people rarely ask me that awful question “are you going to win?” Ok there is a solution…run all my races against Reid coolseat. That could hurt the bank account a wee bit though, and may conflict with my road sluting ways. Well I’ll think it over

Ok…”now” back to the question at hand…how do I handle this question when it comes about again? Hmm I wonder why people even feel compelled to ask such a loaded question? The question is everywhere and at all levels. I know I sure as hell am not the only lad to have received this question. I remember watching an interview years back on NBC (must have been a marathon), and the race favourite was asked this question. Let’s just say he stuttered worse than Elmer Fudd (is it Elmer Fudd with the stutter?)

Well I wonder if anyone reading this will have some useful suggestions? Or maybe they will just be like “I wish that question bugged me you cocky SOB with your elitist problems! ” Naa, I am confident most folks of all ages and levels have been asked “are you going to win?” at one time or another.

Hortian out!

Just a lengthy side note…

My Coach Terry Goodenough asked me before a race “Adam, are you going to have fun?” and I said “ hell yaa, if I win!”. Terry then said “ you can still have fun without winning ya know!” To this I said “ yaa, maybe…but I have always had fun when I won…that strategy hasn’t failed to date so maybe I’ll stick with that strategy for now”. Winning=guaranteed fun 😉

I suppose what I wasn’t preparing myself for was the even greater challenge Terry knew about long before my young and immature brain realized what he was getting at…and that’s if you can have fun running without having to win…you truly love running.