Running with New Balance, Training, and Transition

12 12 2014

I think the worst thing a person can do, aside from murder of course, and well… many other crimes, is to waste the precious gift of time by being only half heartedly invested “in anything” you are doing in this life. Deep down, I think I understand this and have been preprogrammed to follow my heart even when my head tells me otherwise. Well, when I took a year and a half away from competitive running I knew it was because I needed a break, or better yet a change in my perspective. The reason for this was that I loved running, still do, but I wasn’t inspired to hit the roads. When you are an elite runner passiveness towards your training is not an option. Don’t worry though, my time away from running wasn’t a complete waste. I realized that I didn’t need to be an elite runner to be special or valuable. This thought was freeing to me. I had struggled when I tried to pursue training all on my own, and worst of all the journey was less enjoyable. I have returned to running now, and guess what…I still very much want to be elite. The difference now is that I have NO FEAR! Fear of not winning, fear of not running a personal best, fear of pain….all gone. My perspective has changed!

I joined a training group in the Kitchener area called Health and Performance that seems to exhibit the same philosophy that I now possess. Run to be fast, but enjoy the journey. This is something I can do being surrounded by individuals, male and female, of different ages and abilities, with different goals in mind. We all inspire each other in many different ways. I hope to inspire through my work effect and positive attitude, and if the results come that is a bonus. I do feel more confident than ever that the results will come though because in running, the lighter you are, the easier it is to run. Well I am feeling very light.

Please follow my next blog post. I have a lot to catch you up on including running with NEW BALANCE as well as my training, and a chronic injury that plagued me for 2.5 years that was fixed with just a couple of visits to my Chiropractor and now Coach at HP Dr. Sean Delanghe.