shhh…Listen…your body has something to tell you.

15 05 2015

As a Coach, a major goal of mine is to encourage and develop an athletes ability to read their own body. Talent and work ethic only goes so far in achieving optimal performance. I aim to achieve this goal by putting feel at the forefront of a runners early season workouts, post race workouts, etc. A trend that I witness far too often occurs when individuals become slaves to paces and splits while the crucial data their body is sending their brain gets put on the back burner. This has been a belief of mine for many years but never have I seen it phrased as perfectly as by Matt Fitzgerald in the book Run (The mind-body method of running)

…New research has suggested that the best way to improve over the long term is to run almost completely by feel because our perceptions, intuitions, and feelings delivered to our conscious minds from our bodies through our unconscious minds tell us everything we need to know about how to run faster and farther, provided we know how to interpret these messages.

In my work I am fortunate to spend a lot of time observing and talking to the most accomplished runners and running coaches in the world,  and learning from them. I learned that the world’s best runners run by feel.  The best runners listen and talk to their bodies more effectively than the rest of us.

Practice is always two steps ahead of theory in running. Science never reveals the best way to train. The best runners do.


* Matt Fitzgerald states that many elites run completely by feel but, this does not mean that all beginners should do the same. Elites seem to have developed this understanding or connection with their bodies through many miles, years, and through trial and error.