Marilyn Arsenault blog post

13 10 2010

Wishing my Saucony teammate Marilyn Arsenault a speedy recovery;


Hill Session #1 (Saturday May 15)

21 05 2010

Today(Saturday, May 15th) Derek and I had our fastest cumulative hill session ever.  We usually do this hill during our base building phase and therefore our fastest average for 10 hills was 63 seconds. Today; we averaged 56 seconds and did our 10th hill in 53!  Below are some videos of our session today. The hill is approximately 380 metres in length. The workout started at 9am after a 3 mile warm up, strides, and drills. The weather was about 8 degrees, but felt more like 3 with the wind. Enjoy!

Training in Virginia

15 03 2010

 Training has been going well as of late. I think it might be due to a couple of factors. The long winter is coming to an end, and I am spending some time training in Charlottesville, Virginia. I find new surroundings lead to exploring, and exploring leads to easier mileage. And, mileage seems to be key right now, as I am beginning to train for the 10k/half marathon. In fact, I will be racing the SunTrust National Half-Marathon on March 20th and will head back home to the motherland from there to gear up for 1 more month of hard training before the Canadian Half Marathon Championships on April 18th. 

This is my 3rd trip in the last 2 months. The first to Edinburgh, Scotland, followed by Tampa, Florida, and now Charlottesville, Virginia/Washington DC. I have always wanted to combine running with traveling and I seem to be doing that. Example; today I ran in the morning and then spent some time checking out Obama’s pad before eating, napping, and running again. What a day! 


Obama's Pad


cat napping

Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

8 03 2010


  In January of 2010, I, as well as several other athletes were invited to compete at the Bupa Great Edinburgh IAAF XC Meet in Edinburgh, Scotland. There were several distance runners (male and female) from across Canada who were contemplating racing. In the end, I was “the only” individual to accept the invite.

I didn’t decide to go to Scotland because I was in peak physical condition, but simply because I couldn’t let such a wonderful opportunity pass me by. My thinking was that you never know if you will get injured (which is a high probability in the risky running business). Turns out, I did not regret my decision. Not only did I get to race against world record holder Kenenisa Bekele, but I also met a whole bunch of top European runners. It was a humbling experience to say the least.

Looking back on the two weeks I spent in Scotland, I thought about how wonderful it was to race, travel, and spend time with my relatives. Yet, there was also something else circulating in my mind. I recalled that during my stay at the meet hotel, Andy Caine (meet director), as well as the many european athletes I met asked me the same question; Where are the other Canadian runners?

After my answer of “drinking Canadian beer and watching hockey”, I realized it was a pretty good question! Where were the Canadian runners? Why would they not have taken advantage of this opportunity? As I had experienced personally, the meet director had been accommodating in every way. Is Canada such a distance running power that we can sit back and let an opportunity like this pass us by? I think not. I am forced to wonder if something is a rye here. Whether it surrounds the athletes or with Athletics Canada I don’t know. What I do sense is that the athletes are pissed at Athletics Canada and Athletics Canada is pissed at the athletes.  I also know that when we as a nation, or as a sport, pass up an opportunity such as this, a meet director thinks, bahhh why bother with sending Canadian runners  invites.  I think this is something we distance runners should seriously think about.

In closing, I would like to mention that in 2009 Canada was well represented at this meet by two Canadians; Marilyn Arsenault & Derek Nakluski, which paved the way for the invites received in 2010. I owe these individuals and probably several others a great thanks.

For those seeking experience racing abroad the Bupa series is certainly a great way to go.

Bupa Great Edinburgh International (IAAF)

Tampa Florida

12 02 2010

I am currently in Tampa, Florida staying with friends. Today, I was invited to speak to the athletes at Tampa Prep High School by the Head Coach. I spoke about the running community in Canada, races, times, my sponsor and club, as well as some of the good and bad times I encountered as a runner. On Saturday I will race in the 10km at the Suncoast Classic in St. Petersburg. It will be my first race of the season.

Square 1

8 02 2010

It was now January of 2009 and I was in my second week of training since I decided to make the comeback.  Week 1 equated to a grand total of 11 miles. On top of the stellar 11 miles I had run in week 1, my shins hurt, lungs burnt, and I felt hungry all the time.

 Later  in that second week I had to get signatures in order to have my passport renewed. My dad thought it would be a good idea if I obtained a signature from the old German Pastor whose church I had been forced into going to on special occasions when I was a kid. I phoned the Pastor and he agreed to sign the papers for the passport if I came by the church to get them signed.

The next day I went into the church to meet with the Pastor to get the papers signed. I was hoping to get in and out as quickly as possible, but the Pastor had another idea in mind. He asked me all about my life, and then continued on to assume I had gone astray somewhere. I told him I had made mistakes, but felt good about where I was today. I told him I was running again and I believed that this time around I could use the gift the way it was meant to be used. The Pastor said, Adam…This Running! “What is it you are running away from?”  Without any thought or hesitation I replied with ” It is not what I am running away from, it’s what I am running towards!”  The Pastor grumbled a bit, and seemed shocked by my quick response. Truthfully, I was just as shocked by my response. I had a certainty towards running that hadn’t existed before, and this “certainty” would help me get back into competing at a high level.

Entry #1: The (New)Beginning

7 02 2010

I have run competitively since the age of 15 and continued so up until 2007. In 2007, I had some trying experiences at the University of South Florida while working on my Masters Degree and running on the Track team. The issues in question were with the Coaches and their conduct, not with the team or university itself. I won’t go into great detail unless some individual’s feel it’s necessary.

Looking back on these experiences in 2009 and now 2010 ( Can you believe it!), I have learned to put it behind me and even inspire me to reach new levels. I accredit God for this “New Outlook”.  After a year away from the sport of long distance running in 2008 I realized that running was a lot more than a way to get chicks to think I am sexy fast.

I had performed well at the high school level and even pretty well at the College level, but mostly off of talent. The approach I took towards running was lackadaisical to say the least. In 2008, God who had reached out to me for years finally got through to me. I finally saw that running was only worthwhile if it was making me happy, bringing glory to God, and inspiring others. Running simply for myself wasn’t enough to help me reach my full potential.

I decided in January of 2009 that I would make a running comeback. There was a bit of a road block in the way though. I was no longer fit and lean. I had begun to lift weights and eat pizza by the dozens. I had gained 44 pounds. It was going to be a loooong way back to square 1……..