Fall training: Weekly mileage,workouts,races,etc

1 11 2010

I am now finishing up my 11th week of training. I believe I can train hard and consistently for about 15-18 weeks before I start to discover either mental/physical fatigue or both. This training period has been one of my most consistent with no roadblocks stopping me from getting out the door for my training runs or workouts. Below are my weekly mileage #’s and some of the workouts I have done and plan on doing in the upcoming weeks.

week 1: 47 miles (No Workouts)

Week 2: 54 miles (No Workouts)

week 3: 68 miles (Workout & Long run) * 5km tempo (hilly & windy route) 16:15. Long run easy 14 miles.

week 4: 75 miles (2 Workouts & Long run) * 6km tempo 20:37. Hill session 10 total AVG 62 sec. Jog down recovery. Long run 14m

week 5: 85 miles (2 workouts & Long run) * 8km tempo 26:20 (same route). Hill session 13 total AVG 59. jog down rec.Long run 16m

week 6: 88 miles (2 workouts & Long run) *very hilly 3by3km 9:11,9:11,9:01. 4 min rec. Hill session:10 hills 97-98.Long run 16m

week 7: 90 miles (1 workout 1 race & long run)* 30:57 2nd pl. Hilly course. Stratford 10km. 6sec off course record. 21 sec improvement on last years time. Workout: 2by2.2km in 6:53&6:43 and 2by 1.1km 3:21&3:16. recovery 2:30. Hilly Waterloo park road loop. 16m long run.

week 8: 93 miles (2 workout & long run) 3,6,9,6,3min at columbia lake. 3min recovery. wrkt 2: 3 by 15min each one faster. 4 min recovery. Long run 15m.

week 9: 90 miles (1 workout 1 race & long run) bectal park loops.Fast! 2:37,5:20,2:37,5:13. 2:30 recovery. Race: Canadian 10km Champs. 5th Canadian in 30:57. Hilly course…again. Felt very tired and stiff during race. Long run 17.5miles.

week 10: 98 miles (2 workout & long run) workout: 11 by 1100m loops waterloo park. 30 second recovery. Avg 3:19 1100m. Tough workout today! Workout 2: 12km tempo (same hilly route) 39:32. Avg 3:17km. fastest km 3:13. through 1okm 32:58. alone. Long run 17miles.

week 11: On pace for 90-95miles


Not included above is…..

* after 2 off day runs during the week I like to incorporate 4-8 400’s at 10km pace w/ 30 sec recovery just for turn over.

* I also do easy strides after all my long runs.

* I have never been a huge fan of stretching, but try to do light stretching after my runs when my muscles are fully functioning to avoid strains of any kind.

upcoming race….Casablanca 8km. The race will have runners such as w/ Reid Coolseat, Derek Nakluski and Joesphat Ongeri….and yours truly who will be out to spoil their day 😉


Tis the Season to be….Fast!

28 05 2010

 Thought I would give you all a cheeky little update on mine and Derek’s workouts the last couple weeks. It has certainly been an adjustment moving to the track once a week, but it has been crucial in improving my non-existent leg speed.

Here was our first track workout on May 12th:

4 200’s in 38,38,34,34 (15 secs recovery) This was mainly warmup

12 400’s in 67-68 (3o secs recovery). This felt brutal.

Here was our most recent track workout on May 26th:

Weather: 28 degrees!!!!

1 by 1000m in 2:45 (2:00 recovery) Surprised with the time, felt like 2:55.

2 by 800m in 2:17 & 2:14 (1:30 recovery) Felt comfortable.

2 by 600m in 1:41 & 1:41 (1:15 recovery) Heat was getting pretty nasty.

4 by 400m in 67, 65,64,60 (1:00 recovery) Needed water & shade after

= 5400m total

This weekend Derek is racing in Calgary (1okm) and I will be racing a 3k in London on June 2nd. Both of us are training with a fast 5k in mind come July when we race in Belgium with the Toronto Olympic Club.

* I also want to wish our training partner Steven Drew best of luck in the Ottawa Marathon this weekend….wear a hat haha.

Hill Session #1 (Saturday May 15)

21 05 2010

Today(Saturday, May 15th) Derek and I had our fastest cumulative hill session ever.  We usually do this hill during our base building phase and therefore our fastest average for 10 hills was 63 seconds. Today; we averaged 56 seconds and did our 10th hill in 53!  Below are some videos of our session today. The hill is approximately 380 metres in length. The workout started at 9am after a 3 mile warm up, strides, and drills. The weather was about 8 degrees, but felt more like 3 with the wind. Enjoy!

Training in Virginia

15 03 2010

 Training has been going well as of late. I think it might be due to a couple of factors. The long winter is coming to an end, and I am spending some time training in Charlottesville, Virginia. I find new surroundings lead to exploring, and exploring leads to easier mileage. And, mileage seems to be key right now, as I am beginning to train for the 10k/half marathon. In fact, I will be racing the SunTrust National Half-Marathon on March 20th and will head back home to the motherland from there to gear up for 1 more month of hard training before the Canadian Half Marathon Championships on April 18th. 

This is my 3rd trip in the last 2 months. The first to Edinburgh, Scotland, followed by Tampa, Florida, and now Charlottesville, Virginia/Washington DC. I have always wanted to combine running with traveling and I seem to be doing that. Example; today I ran in the morning and then spent some time checking out Obama’s pad before eating, napping, and running again. What a day! 


Obama's Pad


cat napping

Racing for Training

19 02 2010

In April of 2009, I decided to run the Harry Spring Run-Off as my first serious race back. I actually had the chops to apply for elite status despite probably not being in the most elite shape. On race day, I was placed on the starting line next to running studs like Ryan Mackenzie and Jon Brown, Taylor Milne, etc.  It was a very cold day even for March, and so I rationalized or irrationalized depending on how you look at it, that the extra pounds I still had looming around well… “my ass mostly” would keep me warmer than my fitter and leaner competitors during the race. Upon reflection, I must have really been grasping for confidence based on my reasoning there.  I had never run the race before and didn’t know what to expect, but “pain” is usually a good guess. 

The course, as many of you know, is quite hilly.  I think it’s fair to say that if your not strong like bull this course will expose your shortcomings. Anyways, as expected Jon Browne won the race. I saw he was running really well at about 300m as he disappeared into the horizon. Truthfully though, my race went pretty well. I ran 25:49 and was somewhere around the top 10. The race had served its purpose. It got me excited about racing again, which also got me excited about training leading into the summer and this cross-country season.

Harry’s Spring run off 2009