Stephaney & Adam Hortian Interview with Athlete Assist

13 02 2015


    Hi my fellow runners. Stephaney and I were recently asked by Athlete Assist to speak on the very important topic of funding (or lack there of)for amateur athletes within Canada and beyond. In previous interviews, Olympian Melissa Bishop as well as Jamie Adjetey Nelson spoke on this subject. Today, Stephaney gave her point of view from the prospective of a long distance runner who juggles the fine balance of a full time job and working within the community. I was asked to provide my angle from a Coaching perspective. This was a great opportunity for us to speak on a very near and dear issue to us and many other aspiring athletes and Coaches. We look forward to sharing the finished product with you once Athlete Assist has edited and added the video to their webpage. For now here are some very rough pictures and videos from our interviews that I and Steph took with our 1 mega pixel cameras haha;

Here is the Athlete Assist Facebook Page:




12 02 2015

I warn you, what I am about to say may leave you wanting to shake me through your computer screen. I have a confession to make…the truth is; I haven’t been all that bothered by the winter this year. Here are 5 reasons why I believe I have figured out HOW TO CONQUER THE RUNNERS WINTER BLUES;

1. Run with people! Remember people? The ones you see from time to time driving by you with a look of confusion and concern for your well being. Cant blame them though, you are a grown man in spandex and that will always get you some looks. Try training with a group like I do with the wonderful people at Health & Performance. If training with a group is not an option for you, then find an accountability buddy. An accountability buddy is a person who will motivate you to keep your eye on the prize. This could be as simple as emailing or texting daily to see how each others runs went. A Certified Personal Running Coach can also provide you with that accountability as well individualized training to move you towards your goals year round. Hey! guess who provides such services, yours truly; .

2. Spring races are easy to get excited for but they can seem far away during the long winter months. Try running a winter road race or indoor track race. The RunWaterloo Series provides an 8k as well as 8 mile race. This year the event will be held on February 22nd. Burlington Runners Robbie Burns 8k in January is also a vastly popular race option.

3. Watch inspirational videos on youtube before your run;   Powerful Inspirational true story , Why do we fail , Fall during race

4. May be obvious to some but when the weather gets so cold that it hurts your lungs, then it may be time to give up your dream of receiving an award for most hardcore runner and go hit the treadmill or indoor track (besides I already have that title in the bag). Many elite runners will not think twice about hitting the treadmill in frigid weather.

5. Avoid over training. This one could apply year round. Be smart about mileage build ups. Generally, no more than an increase of 5-10 miles per week. Interval training should be treated with the same caution. Build carefully. Here are some signs you may be over training;

The problem with overtraining is that the signs and symptoms show up very gradually and can look like other problems. Below are the hallmark signs and symptoms of overtraining.

  • Recurrent or prolonged injuries like tendinitis or stress fractures.
  • Illnesses caused by decreased immune system function.
  • Decreased performance (getting slower or weaker).
  • Amenorrhea, or the absence of periods in women.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Rapid loss of lean body weight (weight loss without body fat loss).
  • Increase in morning resting heart rate.

Running with New Balance, Training, and Transition

12 12 2014

I think the worst thing a person can do, aside from murder of course, and well… many other crimes, is to waste the precious gift of time by being only half heartedly invested “in anything” you are doing in this life. Deep down, I think I understand this and have been preprogrammed to follow my heart even when my head tells me otherwise. Well, when I took a year and a half away from competitive running I knew it was because I needed a break, or better yet a change in my perspective. The reason for this was that I loved running, still do, but I wasn’t inspired to hit the roads. When you are an elite runner passiveness towards your training is not an option. Don’t worry though, my time away from running wasn’t a complete waste. I realized that I didn’t need to be an elite runner to be special or valuable. This thought was freeing to me. I had struggled when I tried to pursue training all on my own, and worst of all the journey was less enjoyable. I have returned to running now, and guess what…I still very much want to be elite. The difference now is that I have NO FEAR! Fear of not winning, fear of not running a personal best, fear of pain….all gone. My perspective has changed!

I joined a training group in the Kitchener area called Health and Performance that seems to exhibit the same philosophy that I now possess. Run to be fast, but enjoy the journey. This is something I can do being surrounded by individuals, male and female, of different ages and abilities, with different goals in mind. We all inspire each other in many different ways. I hope to inspire through my work effect and positive attitude, and if the results come that is a bonus. I do feel more confident than ever that the results will come though because in running, the lighter you are, the easier it is to run. Well I am feeling very light.

Please follow my next blog post. I have a lot to catch you up on including running with NEW BALANCE as well as my training, and a chronic injury that plagued me for 2.5 years that was fixed with just a couple of visits to my Chiropractor and now Coach at HP Dr. Sean Delanghe.

Are you going to win?

25 09 2012

Are you going to win?

With my first race of the year approaching it seemed fitting that I was interviewed by friends and loved ones about my expectations for the upcoming race. Yet, when I was asked a simple question, a question at face value no more in depth than any others I found myself silent (first time ever by the way). This question was “are you going to win?” It wasn’t until I started thinking deeper about this question that I realized I didn’t like the bloody question one bit.

If I said yes; I was arrogant or cocky. If I said no; I would be viewed as lacking confidence, and if I said I am not sure; I may be stuck listening to an entire break down of the statistics and key elements involved in my chances of winning from some of my more analytical running companions ( so many runners are analytical I’ve come to observe).  There seems to be the care free hippy type runner and the analytic runner counting every second and refusing to round off. You may see this type of fellow or misses running up and down their drive way at the end of the run to get that nice even # (see how even it is? Oh…analytical runner orgasm time…and boom goes the dynamite!).

Anyways…back to the ever so important topic at hand…wait  wait…just realized something that could be of great use to me…it has become apparent that when Reid Coolseat is on the starting list people rarely ask me that awful question “are you going to win?” Ok there is a solution…run all my races against Reid coolseat. That could hurt the bank account a wee bit though, and may conflict with my road sluting ways. Well I’ll think it over

Ok…”now” back to the question at hand…how do I handle this question when it comes about again? Hmm I wonder why people even feel compelled to ask such a loaded question? The question is everywhere and at all levels. I know I sure as hell am not the only lad to have received this question. I remember watching an interview years back on NBC (must have been a marathon), and the race favourite was asked this question. Let’s just say he stuttered worse than Elmer Fudd (is it Elmer Fudd with the stutter?)

Well I wonder if anyone reading this will have some useful suggestions? Or maybe they will just be like “I wish that question bugged me you cocky SOB with your elitist problems! ” Naa, I am confident most folks of all ages and levels have been asked “are you going to win?” at one time or another.

Hortian out!

Just a lengthy side note…

My Coach Terry Goodenough asked me before a race “Adam, are you going to have fun?” and I said “ hell yaa, if I win!”. Terry then said “ you can still have fun without winning ya know!” To this I said “ yaa, maybe…but I have always had fun when I won…that strategy hasn’t failed to date so maybe I’ll stick with that strategy for now”. Winning=guaranteed fun 😉

I suppose what I wasn’t preparing myself for was the even greater challenge Terry knew about long before my young and immature brain realized what he was getting at…and that’s if you can have fun running without having to win…you truly love running.

Suntrust National Half Marathon & Monument Avenue 10k

1 04 2011

 Hello all,

    Long time no see, eh!  I felt the need to write about my experiences in the past week and present as they have been memorable. Shall I start with the National Suntrust Half Marathon in Washington, D.C.? When scheduling to run this race a few months ago,  I set in my mind that a course such as this would be challenging with its many uphills,downhills, and tight turns. I felt the benefit of running in Washington was that it would make the Canadian Half Championships course feel like a pancake a few weeks later.  Last year I finished 4th and hope to improve upon that finish this year.

The field included last years champion and course record holder Mark Fruin(in 1:05low), Gurrmessa Mergessa (1:03 half), and several other Ethiopian runner from the Washington area.  Knowing this course would not produce a blistering time, I focused mainly on staying with the leaders. I was hoping that the leaders would stay in a group as long as possible, but it split up a mile into the race with 3 Ethiopian runners pushing the pace, and Fruin beside me with a few others. I decided to not play it conservatively and chase after the Ethiopian runners up ahead and risk hitting the wall a bit early. The move paid off and by 4 miles I was on my own and chasing the leader Gurmessa Mergessa. The hills seemed to unfaze me, and I felt strong. Despite closing the gap to 9 seconds I could not catch Gurmessa. I came in as the runner-up (2nd place) in a time of 1:07.25. This was right around my goal time for the race, and the placing exceeded my expectations.

This finish, and the mental toughness I had at all times during the race leads me to believe 1:05 is in grasps on a flatter faster course in Montreal on April 18th.  The course took its toll on my body though, and I have needed everyday possible to recover from the tight turns, up hills, and downhills, before racing the Monument Avenue 10k tomorrow morning.

Washington Suntrust National Half Marathon splits

first 10km: 32:01  last 10km: 31:53     Average: 31:57/10km pace   15:58/5km pace  = 1:07.25

Race Coverage: Video

Monument avenue 10k

If you havent heard of this race, kindly remove your hands from your ears, and remove your body from the cave your living in haha…jokes…but in all seriousness (very serious face on)…there are 42,000 runners in the race and it takes place on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. It is also very competitive with the Likes of Abdi Abdirahman, Dan Browne, Alene Reta, etc etc having run the race. The winner is usually in the time frame of 28 mid and the course has hosted the USA Championships.

With such as astonishing amount of elites, I can say I was honoured and shocked when elite athlete co-ordinator and late great runner Thom Suddeth asked me to join Ethiopian runner Abiyot Endale in speaking at Echo lake Elementary school at an assembly about running. I jumped on the opportunity, and this morning we spoke to the school about running. It went well, and the experience was wonderful.

The race is at 8:30am tomorrow, and I seek to improve upon my 2010 Canadian 10k Championships personal best of 30:36. Surely, I will update my readers on the result.

National Suntrust Half Marathon

Echo Lake Elementary School

Just after speaking at Echo Lake

Watch ekiden relays live!!!

22 11 2010

Watch Ekiden Live at this link:

Ekiden Update 3: Videos

22 11 2010